We Take Care of the Ground Work

Profitable property investment requires research. And research takes time. Regardless of where you are, our experts will make sure you have the facts before you buy.

Due Diligence

Fairmont provides commercial due diligence consulting .Our team can tackle due diligence on signing the purchase contract. These services include a lease audit, unit walkthrough, lining up contractors to perform exterior inspections, and compiling an extensive and easy-to-read report. These inspections can save you thousands of dollars once you own the property.

Insurance Claim Management

Accidents and inclement weather happen. Our team has extensive experience working with insurance companies to establish scope, develop a plan, and execute the repairs needed. We handle claims such as slip and fall incidents, fire and hail storms and car wrecks.

Pro Forma Underwriting

Establishing a budget is vital when underwriting a property. Fairmont is happy to help with this process—we're more than a building management company. Not only will we review your budget, but we provide a realistic budget based on years of experience.

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Tax Appraisal Protest

Taxes are a major expense when underwriting properties and working in real estate. Part of our total property management is appealing the taxes of each property to keep the expenses to a minimum.

Expert Talent Available to You

Balancing tenant satisfaction with maximum return for clients takes experience. Our 130 years of combined management experience and local staffing continues to deliver.

In-House Accounting

Our in-house accounting team provides individualized financial reports every month. We also prepare the annual operating budget and assure the property is operating efficiently without requiring the owner to be involved on a day-to-day basis. Fairmont sets the standard for property management in Dallas. We pay attention to the smallest details.

On-site Managers and Maintenance

Wondering how to find a good property management company? Check their training. Our on-site managers go through extensive training in customer service, reporting, collections, and maintenance. We hire local teams that know the area and your property.

Leasing and Marketing

Our goal is to increase occupancy—whether you own an apartment complex, shopping center, warehouse, office, or flex-space. We offer marketing support, signage, and other promotional materials to ensure your investment is fully occupied.

Rent Collection

We take the burden of collecting rent away from the owner and work diligently to secure rents from tenants, on time and in full. Fairmont is more than a rent collection agency. We offer an online rent payment platform increasing efficiency both with the residents and within the office.

Communicative, Professional, and Timely

Experienced with new builds or renovating existing structures. Our vendor relationships and local knowledge will keep you on time and within budget.

Construction Management

Our team will help you establish a construction budget and scope, get bids from multiple contractors, and carry out the action plans of the capital projects. These projects are important, but keeping them in-budget is just as important.

Insurance Coverage Assistance

Our large portfolio allows us to help owners obtain the most economical and extensive insurance coverage. This decreases your insurance expense while increasing your coverage

Property Renovation

We specialize in turning around ​communities in need of renovation​ to increase occupancy, rent, and overall asset value.

Vendor Relationships

We constantly evaluate current service contracts and vendors. We have strong relationships—over 20 years—with many recommended vendors.


Intuitive Communication with Owners and Keeps Us Competitive

Our technology keeps our work transparent for clients. Our cutting-edge accounting software compiles annual, monthly, and weekly reports including: new leases, units on notice to vacate, renewals, unit make-ready status, traffic reports, rental collections, and delinquent rent.

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