Years Combined Management Experience


Years Average Length of Employment

Our Process

Our clients receive an unbiased recommendation based on an evaluation and due diligence. We produce the maximum return for our clients. That can include recommending a client not purchase a property. We treat every client’s investment as if it were our own.

Strategic Evaluation

We work with clients before they make investments. Strategic evaluation includes reviewing the financials on a potential acquisition, evaluating the physical condition of the property, and researching the local sub-market. We're a professional property management company. We're here to help protect you.


We work with clients to accurately assess potential acquisitions. Prior to performing due diligence, we use our real world experience to bring you the numbers. Underwriting involves research and risk analysis of what all parties bring to the table. This process checks borrowing rates, premiums, and investment risk.

Due Diligence

Due diligence is one of the last hurdles before purchasing a property. A knowledgeable and diligent team is the difference between a performing property and major costs after closing. Based on our commercial real estate due diligence checklist, we perform a complete lease audit and full interior and exterior physical property inspections.


Management needs are different for every client. Our methods ensure transparency, quick access to actual people, and balance tenant needs with profitability. We provide market surveys, operational and physical reports, and local staff. We mean it when we say we're a top property management company in Dallas. Properties we manage operate at peak efficiency.

Our Process

Technology Creates Intuitive Communication and Keeps Us Competitive

Our technology keeps our work transparent for clients—Fairmont is a top property management company. Our cutting-edge accounting software compiles monthly financial reports and other reports can be provided throughout the month with information that includes new leases, units on notice to vacate, renewals, unit make-ready status, traffic reports, rental collections, and delinquent rent. We know the best way to collect rent. Our goal is to keep you as informed as you would like to be with the property.

"I began my career with Fairmont Management Company over 27 years ago as an assistant property manager, then was given the opportunity to move into the accounting department at the corporate office. This position has allowed me to learn and develop my accounting skills while growing with an amazing team lead by two awesome leaders. I am grateful to Fairmont for the opportunity and their continued investment and trust. I believe anyone joining the Fairmont team can have a rewarding experience."

Pat A - Senior Property Accountant

29 Years

“I started as a leasing agent almost 20 years ago with Fairmont. Currently a happy confident property manager. Learned a lot throughout the years. Have grown professionally and personally with the company. Everyone at corporate is friendly and always willing to help. They have definitely supported me with anything that has been thrown my way at work and personal. Fairmont is like family.”

Lilly D - Regional Manager

22 Years

"Fairmont Management maintains a professional growth environment and a small company feel. Fairmont has nurtured an atmosphere that allows its employees to contribute and participate in the company. Opinions are welcomed and valued."

Michael C - Controller

15 Years

"I have learned and developed new skills to serve our residents and the community and had the opportunity to become a leader at an early point in my career. Fairmont has always invested in its employees and properties, putting everyone else’s needs before their own."

Krystol M - Vice President

25 Years

Prioritizing Onsite Supervision

Fairmont Hires for Experience

When Fairmont recruits a new employee, we look at the big picture. Property assets are worth millions of dollars, so having the right staff in place pays dividends. We prioritize top-notch experience, positive attitude, willingness to learn, and willingness to be part of a team.

Fairmont Hires for Dedication

Fairmont recruits and retains expert talent. The proof is in the career longevity of our employees. With over 100 employees, many having worked with us for over a decade and some over 20 years. Loyalty goes both ways at Fairmont—our numbers prove it.

Fairmont Hires for Culture

We treat employees like family and provide personal and career growth resources. Our track record of long-term employees in the Fairmont family speaks volumes to our dedication to excellent company culture.

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